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2023-03-24 10:00:36 By : Ms. Emma Yin
Yungchang Hardware Releases Enhanced Joist Hanger for Secure Construction

Beijing, China- Yungchang Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd (YC) are releasing an enhanced joist hanger for safe home construction. The newly improved product is designed to make construction work easy and safe, and to ensure that the joist hangers can support beams and blocks without failure.
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The joist hanger, which is made from galvanized steel material, has been designed to meet the high standards of professional builders and handymen. The upgraded YC Joist Hanger boasts maximum capacity that can handle any weight or pressure, ensuring enhanced performance in demanding construction projects.

The new product can be exchanged with the old joist hanger that has been previously used in construction works, and can be used in light and heavy duty applications. The joist hanger has also been tested by professionals to ensure it meets required building codes and regulations.

YC Joist Hangers are a popular choice for professional builders and handymen. The joist hangers have been kept affordable and reliable over time, and the company has been keeping pace with competition in the market for the past several years. The improved joist hanger will now provide a safer, easier and more cost-effective solution to builders and handymen who prioritize safety during construction works.

The YC Joist Hanger boasts a few newly added features including a pre-punched nail hole, which is said to reduce installation time by over 20 percent as well as providing ensured accuracy in installation. In addition, the hanger’s bar splays have been extended to provide more support to the joist.

“Ensuring safe construction work is our number one priority,” says CEO of Yungchang Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd. “We understand how important it is to have reliable hardware and tools that deliver on their promises, and our upgraded joist hanger promises to do exactly that.”

Other key features of the YC Joist Hanger include a full 1-1/2" seat depth, which provides additional strength to the hanger’s maximum capacity. The company has also ensured that the hanger has a sleek and modern finish, which helps it blend in well with other hardware and tools on-site.

The newly enhanced joist hanger is set to launch in the coming weeks, and early release models will be available to those interested in trying out the product. Yungchang Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd has been producing affordable and reliable hardware solutions for several years, and the YC Joist Hanger will add to its already impressive range of products.

As Yungchang Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd continues to grow and expand its offerings, customers can expect to see a range of new and improved hardware and tool products to help make construction work safer and more efficient.

About Yungchang Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Yungchang Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd is an enterprise in the hardware manufacturing sector based in Beijing, China, with production sites situated in Handan, also known as the “City of Fastener.” YC is a fast-growing and reliable provider of affordable hardware solutions, providing customers with quality products that are compliant with global building code standards.