12-Pack Screwless Wall Plates for Standard Size Outlets and Switches - Child Safe and Unbreakable

2023-06-19 22:53:02 By : admin
article about the ELECTECK Screwless Wall Plate.

Beijing-based hardware manufacturer YUNGCHANG Hardware has unveiled their latest product, the ELECTECK Screwless Wall Plate. Designed to provide homeowners and office owners with a sleek and stylish solution to their electrical outlet covers, the Screwless Wall Plate offers a number of features that make it a must-have for those looking to upgrade their electrical outlet covers.
<a href='/hidden-screws/'>Hidden <a href='/screws/'>Screws</a></a> 12-Pack Standard Size Outlet Covers for GFCIs Decor Receptacles and Light Switches Child Safe White 1-Gang Screwless Wall Plates by ELECTECK UL Listed Unbreakable Electrical Outlets & Accessories uclunion.org

The product comes in a 12-pack of standard size covers for GFCIs, decor receptacles, and light switches. Its child-safe design ensures that it is safe for use in homes with young children, preventing accidental exposure to live electrical outlets. The white color of the plate makes it an ideal match for most home and office flooring, walls, and ceilings.

One of the most standout features of the ELECTECK Screwless Wall Plate is the fact that it has no visible screws. This ensures that the wall plates blend seamlessly into your home's decor, providing a neat and polished look. Traditional wall plates often come with screws, which can be unsightly and can detract from the overall aesthetic of a room.

The plates are also designed to be UL listed, meaning they meet rigorous safety standards. They are unbreakable, making them resistant to accidental drops or impacts. Also, they come with a residential and commercial grade design which makes them ideal for use in both commercial and home settings.

The Screwless Wall Plate is part of the company's wider range of electrical outlets and accessories. All of their products are made with top-quality materials, ensuring that they last longer and provide consistently reliable results.

YUNGCHANG Hardware is a large-scale manufacturer of high-quality hardware products. Their global headquarters is located in Beijing, and their production facilities are based in Handan. YUNGCHANG has over 20 years of experience in producing hardware, with a strong presence in both the domestic and international markets. They have a strong reputation for producing top-quality hardware products and are one of the leading hardware brands in China.

Their commitment to quality is reflected in the design and manufacture of their Screwless Wall Plate. For anyone looking to upgrade their home or office electrical outlets, the ELECTECK Screwless Wall Plate is a must-buy. It's safe, stylish, and unbreakable, all while blending seamlessly into any décor.

In conclusion, the ELECTECK Screwless Wall Plate is a testament to YUNGCHANG Hardware's commitment to providing high-quality hardware products. The combination of top-quality materials, unbreakable design, and child-safe features make this product a great choice for anyone in need of an electrical outlet upgrade. The sleek design and absence of visible screws mean that the wall plates add an elegant touch to any home or office. The company's reputation for producing top-quality products and their strong commitment to safety should give customers peace of mind when making a purchase.